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Exploring the psychology of Anticipation: Why does the fear of an event often exceed reality?

When we are anticipating something, then we are not present in the moment. Instead we are hijacked by the monkey mind..the aspect of our brain that is wired to look out for threats and therefore tends to jump into an imaginary future. The monkey mind’s job is not to make us happy but to protect us - and in order to do this, the monkey tends to imagine worst case scenarios, in order to keep us in our comfort zone - which, according to our monkey, equals safety.

However, we don’t want to let fear run our lives and thereby miss out on all the growth, connection and fun there is to be had! Therefore it’s important to clear out old resonance and childhood programming, as well as heal childhood trauma (which is what I specialising in) AND it’s important to practice nervous system regulation as well as practice baby steps around being comfortable being uncomfortable. This way we will become better and better at living from a place of presence and awareness. We can live more from our Inner Observer. The aspect of us that is NOTICING the chatter of the fear brain, rather than becoming hijacked by it. The better we are at this, the more we can grow and expand and live richer and more inspiring and satisfying lives.

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