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 Areas of Expertise

Emotional issues, Childhood Trauma, Relationship drama, anxiety, weightloss and smoking cessation.

 I believe..

..that we all deep down long for a sense of belonging and for being seen for who we truly are...not for what we earn, own, wear or our appearances, but for who we really are in our heart and in our essence. 

A child has an inherent need for love and connection - as well as a need to be authentic. 

Imagine a bird: in order to fly it needs two wings. In order for us to fly we need two wings as well. We need the Wing of Love/Connection as well as the Wing of Authenticity.

If we have only one wing, then we will either feel loved for being an in-authentic or smaller version of ourselves or we will feel that we are our authentic selves but not loved!

Because we all grew up in families with 'stuff' going on - most of us subconsciously sacrificed our wing of authenticity as a coping mechanism in order to feel a sense of belonging and connection with our parents.

​We learnt to be 'good' in order to avoid rejection and in an attempt to feel safe. 

When we struggle in life, it's because we have lost connection with our true authentic selves. We are running subconscious programmes that no longer serve us. 

Hypnotherapy is the most effective tool to help re-programme the subconscious mind, so that we can have a loving healthy relationship with ourselves, as well as beliefs that serve us. 

Through hypnotherapy you can reconnect with an inherent sense of friendliness and warmth within towards yourself. This is what will support you in being able to project that outwardly as well as feel a healthy sense of belonging in the world. 

We need this fundament in order to show up in the world as our true and best selves - and thereby make decisions that are our own, rather than decisions that are based on what we think will please others. 

As they say: this is not a dress rehearsal.. 

If you feel that now is the time for you to become who you are and live a life that you love, then please do get in touch. 

Warmest wishes

Kirsten x


Since finishing my Advanced Hypnotherapy and Master NLP Practitioner training in 2001, I have undertaken several additional trainings. Simply because I have an absolute passion for helping people shift from limiting beliefs as well as emotional suffering to freedom - and therefore achieve a better psychological balance, self esteem, self-confidence, inner calm and happiness through hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness. 


I am originally from Denmark and also had the privilege of helping thousands of clients over there reconnect with their authentic selves and enjoy life more. I came to London in 2008, because I love to expand my horizons - and probably also because my mum was English.


In both Denmark and England I have featured in health and lifestyle magazines and on television shows an an expert guest.

Oh and in my spare time, when I'm not studying the newest research within psychological change work, you'll find me swimming in the sea, at any chance I get, all year round. 

Do get in touch, if you have any questions or would like to feel better in general or in a specific area of your life.

I look forward to hearing from you x

Relevant courses and trainings

2000 – Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner: 
The Institute for Hypnosis by Ludmila Frolova, Copenhagen.

2001 – Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner
The Institute for Hypnosis, Copenhagen.

2002 – Advanced Authoritan Hypnosis
The Institute for Hypnosis, Copenhagen


2003 – Advanced Clinical Hypnosis 
by Psychologist and Hypnotherapist Thor Vesterlund, Copenhagen

2003 – Clinical Hypnosis for Children 
by Paediatrician and hypnotherapist Paul Lundgaard Bak, Copenhagen

2004 – Unleash The Power Within 
by Anthony Robbins

2004 – Weightloss
by Hypnosis and NLP trainer Paul McKenna, London

2004 – Pure Voice – Clear mind
by Suzanne Rye, Copenhagen

2005 – Heartcentreret Hypnotherapist
by Hypnosis trainer and Doctor Peter Mark, Copenhagen

2005 – Rebirthing (Breath work)
by Hypnosis trainer and Doctor Peter Mark, Copenhagen

2006 – Clinical Hypnosis, Professional Course, First Class diploma 
by The ICH, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London

2007 – EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique 
by The ICH, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London

2008 – Stop Smoking – The Rob Kelly Method 
by Rob Kelly, London

2008 - Partner The Therapy Lounge, London 

2009 – Regression Master Class 
by The ICH, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London

2011 – The All-Star International Hypnosis Conference

Valerie Austin, London

2012 – Ego States Therapy

by The ICH, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, London

2012 – Eye Movement Therapies (EMDR)

by The ICH, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis London

2015 - The All Encompassing Path, Buddhism

2016 - Buddhist Pilgrimage India and Nepal

2020 - Childhood Trauma workshop by Gabor Mate

2021 - Working with Couples

Master Class via The GHR

My Approach
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