Self Love + Wisdom
= Inner Calm

Kirsten Dahlerup

Advanced hypnotherapist 

NLP Master Practitioner

Light-hearted Buddhist 

Voted 'Best for the Overthinkers' by Tatler Magazine.

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Advanced hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness

Kirsten Dahlerup - Voted Best for the Overthinkers by Tatler Magazine

Since 2001

I have had the joy of helping thousands of people heal childhood trauma as well as 

shift from

self doubt, anxiety, anger 

- and the symptomatic

behaviours and habits -

to Self Love, Freedom 

and inner Calm.


Get in touch if you would like to live your Best life too. 

Minimal Desk

What people say

Hear what others say.
Scent Oils


During Covid I have been recording tips and meditations to help you calm your mind instantly

Trainings and flavour

I have an absolute passion for what I do and for helping people remember who they are

Kirsten has featured in magazines, news papers, podcasts and tv shows in both England and in Denmark as an expert guest


Maybe you are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or jealous, maybe you struggle with excess weight, cigarettes or a phobia, either way, this is a safe space for you to create positive changes, so that you can reconnect with your inner calm, happiness and freedom and create a life that is aligned with your values and who you really are - be and express your full potential.  


Helping people become free of emotional suffering such as e.g. anxiety, anger, jealousy and stress as well as limiting habits, phobias and behaviours is my passion. I truly enjoy witnessing clients reconnect with their inner core of calm, freedom and happiness.  

I have been a fully certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner since 2001 - and am originally from Denmark.

Whilst every client is an individual, I have worked with most types of issues and seen clients from from all walks of life.


Maybe your issue feels like a niggling pebble in your shoe or maybe it feels more like a wall stopping you from moving forward - I have guided and helped thousands of clients from all walks of life get rid of both 'pebbles' and 'walls' and I just love seeing people move on with a spring in their step being the manifestation of love and light that they really are.                                                                                            

I stay updated with the newest techniques as well as practise and study ancient wisdoms such a mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy and of course good old common sense. Your sessions will be tailor-made to fit your needs. You can fill out the contact form or have a look at some testimonials from previous clients first. I look very much forward to meeting you. Warmest wishes, Kirsten

Pricing and how it works

Free consultation

You are welcome to have a free 20 minutes consultation, so that you can ask any questions that you might have as well as get a sense of my flavour - I will also ask you some questions and let you know whether I believe that I can help you, as well as how.

Number of sessions

Usually I see clients for 1- 4 sessions.

- and after having worked with me some clients like to come in once in a while, as they go through life, for an 'MOT.' 

Price and payment

£250/hour (incl VAT)
A session is usually 2 hours. 

Where appropriate I'm happy to provide flexible payment terms. 

For smoking cessation my fee is £685 this includes a 1 year guarantee! Get in touch to hear more about this.