Self Love x Wisdom
= Inner Calm

I help you move from

self doubt and a need to please

to Self Love and inner Calm.

So that you have the freedom

to create your best Life

and live your natural Truth. 

 - and together we create

a more fulfilling world.

Kirsten Dahlerup

Advanced hypnotherapist 

NLP Master Practitioner

Light-hearted Buddhist 

Committed Life explorer.

Voted 'Best for the Overthinkers' by Tatler Magazine.


Since 2001 I have helped thousands of clients become who they are. 

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Maybe you are feeling stressed, anxious, angry or jealous, maybe you struggle with excess weight, cigarettes or a phobia, either way, this is a safe space for you to create positive changes, so that you can reconnect with your inner calm, happiness and freedom and create a life that is aligned with your values and who you really are - be and express your full potential.  


Helping people become free of emotional suffering such as e.g. anxiety, anger, jealousy and stress as well as limiting habits, phobias and behaviours is my passion. I truly enjoy witnessing clients reconnect with their inner core of calm, freedom and happiness.  

I have been a fully certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner since 2001 - and am originally from Denmark.

Whilst every client is an individual, I have worked with most types of issues and seen clients from from all walks of life.


Maybe your issue feels like a niggling pebble in your shoe or maybe it feels more like a wall stopping you from moving forward - I have guided and helped thousands of clients from all walks of life get rid of both 'pebbles' and 'walls' and I just love seeing people move on with a spring in their step being the manifestation of love and light that they really are.                                                                                            

I stay updated with the newest techniques as well as practise and study ancient wisdoms such a mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy and of course good old common sense. Your sessions will be tailor-made to fit your needs. You can fill out the contact form or have a look at some testimonials from previous clients first. I look very much forward to meeting you. Kirsten


What would it feel like to give yourself permission to finally let go of old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you - and reconnect with your inner calm, happiness and freedom.

Hypnotherapy is therapy for the subconscious mind. The beliefs that we created as children and imprints that we had function today like subconscious programmes, that determine how we feel, do and live our lives as adults. This is why we sometimes 'throw our toys out the pram' or get anxious in situations, that are perfectly safe for us to be in as adult, but maybe on a subconscious level they create associations to a situation or general atmosphere from childhood that didn't feel safe...


NLP is based on the idea that everyone experiences reality differently. Therefore it is our understanding of reality that determine how we function, rather than reality itself.

 A simple example: When I have helped someone overcome a phobia, e.g. fear of flying or fear of spiders, what has changed? Has reality changed? No, the spider is still the same, but the person’s perception of reality (the spider or the flight) has changed...


To be mindfull is to be aware of the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. So often we are simply not aware of the present moment. We may be feeling frustrated about something that happened in the past or anxious about something that we imagine will happen in the future. Maybe there is a tendency to lie awake at night and worry about a future presentation at work or to go over and over regrets about the past or maybe... 

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